Augury partners with investor HSB to offer $100,000 warranty for its predictive maintenance solution

June 17, 2020
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by Harshit Sharma
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Although the duo have worked in the past on sharing PdM data, this new agreement mirrors the partnership HSB had with Relayr, a PdM startup it subsequently acquired. As part of the agreement, Augury's customers will receive up to $100,000 if its solution fails to pick up any defects that led to equipment downtime. Although the nuances of the reinsurance plan, such as the specific industries and equipment it covers, are undisclosed, the partnership is indicative of a crowded PdM landscape where startups are inclining toward business model innovations to gain differentiation. While clients should investigate the underlying elements of this plan before engaging, it does exhibit strong confidence on the duo's end in Augury's PdM solution.

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