Thyssenkrupp qualifies its electrolyzer for frequency regulation services in Germany

July 08, 2020
Owning the Energy Transition
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by Tim Grejtak
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Thyssenkrupp has qualified a 2 MW alkaline electrolyzer with German grid operators to provide primary control reserve services, thereby providing another revenue stream for water electrolysis units. The electrolyzer can respond to grid conditions within 30 seconds and is operated by partner E.ON's virtual power plant network. The installation is part of a larger project, Carbon2Chem, which captures the flue gas from a steel plant in Duisburg to synthesize methanol and ammonia. Clients should consider this a crucial strategy in building the economic case for sector coupling, as grid service revenues can comprise up to 33% of total revenues for electrolyzers and tip the balance for power-to-chemicals.

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