Sunfire and Climeworks sever ties with Nordic Blue Crude and will build competing synthetic fuel project

July 22, 2020
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Last month, Sunfire and Climeworks launched Norsk e-Fuel, a consortium for building a commercial synthetic fuel plant in Herøya, Norway. The project sounded suspiciously similar to that of Nordic Blue Crude, a company launched in 2017 to also build a synthetic fuel plant in Herøya, Norway, and in collaboration with Sunfire and Climeworks – it turns out that Sunfire and Climeworks have parted ways with Nordic Blue Crude and will build their own plant next to that of their former partner. The latter stated that it will now use alkaline water electrolysis for hydrogen feedstock, which is more commercially attractive, but losing Sunfire and Climeworks is a significant setback for the company, as it will need to attract new technology partners.

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