Trina Solar unveils 600 W module

July 24, 2020
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Five months after lunching two 500 W bifacial modules, Trina Solar has unveiled a bifacial module rated at 600 W. This module features a 6 × 10 cell configuration and is expected to enter the market in Q1 2021. While the module's rated efficiency (21.2%) is similar to other monocrystalline silicon panels on the market, what makes Trina's module significantly more powerful is the use of half-cut solar cells – which deliver more power due to lower resistive losses. Clients should regard this product as an example of where module-level innovation is heading toward; rather than adopting novel coatings (e.g., quantum dots) or encapsulants, developers are progressively moving toward larger wafers, half cells, and bifacial configurations. 

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