Swedish consortium opens 10,000 ton per year pilot facility for direct reduced iron production

September 01, 2020
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A Swedish consortium under the name Hybrit, consisting of LKAB (mining), SSAB (steel production), and Vattenfall (energy), has been working since 2016 on the production of carbon-free steel using direct reduction of iron ore with green hydrogen. The consortium reached a new milestone on August 31, 2020, with the opening of a pilot plant that will demonstrate the production of iron without the use of cokes. The blast furnace will be replaced by a reactor that uses hydrogen for the direct reduction of iron ore pellets to the raw iron. The pilot plant has a capacity of 1 ton to 2 tons per hour and will be used in the coming four years to test and validate the process. This should lead to a first-to-market 0.5 million ton per year unit in 2025.

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