Bayer agrees to 70% stake in personalized supplement company Care/of at $225 million valuation

September 07, 2020
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by Thomas Hayes
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An official press release has yet to be released, but Bayer did confirm the deal with Forbes. This is the second acquisition of a personalized supplement company, the first being Nestlé's purchase of Persona in 2019. Persona and Care/of are very similar, with personalization aided solely by user-provided data (e.g., health goals). While we firmly challenge the credibility of this approach, it does seem to resonate with strategics given the ease of scalability, with Persona now in 60 countries since being acquired. Clients should recognize that this is merely the first step of an evolution, with personalization becoming more sophisticated over time. Stay tuned for our Lux Genius 2020 event to learn more about the personalization topic.

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