McDonald's is the first in the food service industry to join TerraCycle's Loop platform to test a reusable cup for hot drinks on the go

September 11, 2020
Accelerating Materials Innovation
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by Drishti Masand
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As part of the reusable cup trials, Loop's cleaning system is developed in partnership with Ecolab and ensures that each item is sanitized and meets high health code requirements. The reusable cup model needs to establish a proof of concept, more so than other material alternatives, as this model relies on consumer behavior change, which is unreliable. Moreover, post-pandemic, it is unclear if consumers will be willing to adopt shared cups for the sake of sustainability, or prefer single-use for hygiene reasons. Clients looking for single-use cup alternatives should closely monitor the progress of this pilot test to see if McDonald's succeeds with a reusable cup model.

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