SABIC's TRUCIRCLE solution will be one of the first demonstrations for recycling packaging films

October 06, 2020
Accelerating Materials Innovation
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by Drishti Masand
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SABIC is pioneering a solution to recycle packaging flexible film, which remains unrecyclable for now. The solution is in partnership with Plastic Energy, Sealed Air, Bradburys Cheese, and Tesco. The process will use pyrolysis recycling to convert the film to oil, form plastic pellets, and convert them to recycled packaging film; during the pilot test, the films will be 30% recycled and 70% virgin. One immediate takeaway from this project is the complexity and cross-value chain collaboration that is required to successfully recycle plastic packaging, especially difficult form factors like films. However, this project also demonstrates that it is possible for companies to recycle most packaging if they are committed to sustainability.

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