Australia to host 10 GW PV farm connected to Singapore through an underwater HVDC line

November 05, 2020
Last Updated:
November 05, 2020
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by Patricia Seoane da Silva
Truly disruptive

The AU$25 billion project is set to become the world's largest solar farm, but it is also an unprecedented effort in terms of storage requirements and distance. This project plans to transport power from the PV array installed near Tennant Creek to Darwin (roughly 750 km North) and eventually to Singapore via a 3,750 km underwater HVDC cable. As we have previously pointed out, HVDC power lines are the lowest-cost option for transporting large amounts of energy over vast distances. For this particular case, an important risk to bear in mind lies on the geopolitical and tectonic boundaries that the cable will need to traverse – as these are subject to political conflicts with Indonesia and cable rupture in the event of a tectonic shift. 

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