QuantumScape finally shares some data but fails to justify the hype

December 09, 2020
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QuantumScape showed data from single-layer pouch cells that indicated fast charging (15 minutes to 80% SoC) and 800 cycles at a 1C charge/discharge rate, which represent some of the better lab-scale results Lux has seen for a lithium anode cell. However, after more than a decade and $300 million to develop the battery, the company has failed to show a cell ready for commercialization, as it did not discuss its inability to make multilayer pouch cells and has yet to provide any validation of manufacturing costs. Lux remains firmly unconvinced that QuantumScape will meet its 2025 timeline for commercialization, as it is still only sharing lab-scale results and needs to focus on manufacturing to justify its lofty valuation.

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