Pairwise secures $90 million Series B for next-gen crop development of leafy greens and fruits

February 05, 2021
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Pontifax AgTech Management and Deerfield Management led the round, with participation from Temasek and Leaps by Bayer. Pairwise uses CRISPR and an omics-related discovery platform to develop production- and consumer-focused traits of fruit and leafy greens. This round allows Pairwise to grow its team and launch a new variety of mustard greens (USDA-approved) by 2022. Pairwise also develops broadacre crop traits through an ongoing $100 million collaboration with Bayer. Clients, next-generation breeding strategies like those of Inari, Benson Hill, ZeaCal, Yield10, and Tropic Biosciences continue to move products closer to market; expect players to keep discreet on how next-gen traits reach the market and their intentions for seed production.

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