Uber quietly announces it's testing battery swapping in San Francisco with Ample

January 27, 2021
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Uber's target of electrifying all rides in major markets by 2030 is an aggressive one, and recently, Uber announced it is expanding its Uber Green platform for hailing hybrid or electric vehicles for a $1 additional cost. Interestingly, the press release notes it is set to begin a pilot program for battery swapping in San Francisco through the stealthy Shell-backed startup Ample. Details are thin, as Ample hasn't emerged from stealth mode just yet, but in several filings, the company refers to its solution as modular, hinting that it could be a solution more similar to Sun Mobility's than BAIC's or Nio's. Clients should continue to expect Uber to focus on infrastructure – including charging and swapping – as a tool to decarbonize its fleet.

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