Air Liquide and Siemens Energy partner for large-scale electrolyzer projects

February 16, 2021
Owning the Energy Transition
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Air Liquide and Siemens have signed an MOU for large-scale production of PEM electrolyzers for hydrogen production across Europe but especially in Germany and France. The first collaboration will be in Normandy, where H2V has planned a 200 MW plant (in January, Air Liquide took a 40% stake in H2V Normandy). This project will avoid 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. While Air Liquide previously teamed up with Hydrogenics in Canada for a 20 MW electrolysis plant, its collaboration with Siemens shows that industrial gas giants will turn to experienced technology providers, rather than startups, for large-scale projects in the near term. Client should see a similar partnership between Air Products and Thyssenkrupp.

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