Not all 3D printing companies are chasing the SPAC craze – Formlabs raises $150 million Series E from SoftBank

May 27, 2021
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With the IPOs of Desktop Metal, Markforged, Shapeways, Rocket Labs, Velo3D, Rokit, Massvit 3D, and MeaTech 3D, SPAC seems to have become the new norm in the 3DP space. As we said before, the SPAC craze creates much noise in the market, and not all of these companies should go public – some do so simply because they can't raise enough money from private investors. Formlabs, which has consistently rolled out new products with more than $100 million annual revenue, has proven again that its sustainable business model is appreciated by private investors. Clients should expect more product updates from the company, but an IPO is not on the horizon, though Carbon may go public this year.

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