With many recent partnerships, digital sales platform startup Knowde is gaining strong momentum

June 29, 2021
Very important

Knowde's recently announced partnerships include those with DuPont, Braskem America, DSM, Roquette, and Givaudan. These partnerships, along with a $14 million Series A backed by Sequoia Capital, have paved the way for Knowde as a leader in the digital sales platform (DSP) space. Through conversations with some users, Lux has learned Knowde not only has a good user interface but also has some advanced analytics tools, which can help buyers and sellers more easily identify each other. While chemical companies should form their own DSPs in the longer term, they should partner with existing ones as a first step, and Knowde could be a good choice, as it is not a spinoff from any chemical companies (unlike CheMondis or Covalo).

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