23andMe expands portfolio of approved cancer screenings with latest FDA approval

January 13, 2022
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The U.S. FDA has given 23andMe approval to expand its genetic health risk report by screening for a G84E mutation in the HOXB13 gene. This mutation has been linked to an increase in prostate cancer. A recent study showed that males with a G84E gene mutation were 66% more likely to have prostate cancer than their noncarrier peers. 23andMe's test was shown to be 99% effective in finding this biomarker. 23andMe adds this test to two other FDA-approved cancer screenings, one for breast cancer and one for colorectal cancer. It remains the only company with direct-to-consumer screening products. Clients in both the biomarkers and genomics spaces should take note of 23andMe's success in this field and look for partnership opportunities.

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