• Founded in 2008 and launched its product in 2009 with a team with expertise in marketing and consumer packaged goods (CPG) retail with a focus on solving product location pain in stores
  • Platform aims to profile customers in the same way they are monitored online, relying on personal identifiabl...

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Company Snapshot | July 01, 2021

The company was founded by Marc SolĂ  (CTO), Eric Jimeno (CEO), and Petia Radeva (Research Advisor) as a spinoff from the University of Barcelona to develop image recognition and computer vision algorithms to recognize food items, estimate food nutritional information, and detect whether people are ... Not part of subscription


Company Profile | September 09, 2021

The company's food traceability platform, FoodLogiQ Connect, includes three software products: "Manage + Monitor" to support supplier management, "Track + Trace" to visualize real‑time movement of goods along the supply chain, and "Recall + Response" to facilitate the execution and review of food... To read more, click here.


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Edamam leverages a semantic knowledge base of organized food and nutrition data, built and refined via proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing; has indexed approximately 1 million food items by caloric value, amounts of more than 150 nutrients, and alignment to ... Not part of subscription