• Infrastructure platform enables IT departments to manage wearable devices lock out the smart glasses, manage applications, control the device remotely, get usage metrics, contact the user, push software, and reset the PIN
  • Most of its customers connect the glasses directly into their Ple...

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Company Snapshot | January 05, 2021

The company was started by CEO Alireza Kenarsari; Alireza was previously a software engineer at Amazon and audio processing company Malaspina Labs. So far, the company has raised about $500,000 from Founders' Co‑op in December 2020. The company makes a platform for developers to create simple ... Not part of subscription

Varjo launches AR cloud to expand capabilities to collaboration and broad virtual presence

News Commentary | July 12, 2021

Varjo is a video passthrough AR headset maker, serving enterprise XR design and manufacturing activities. Relying on precise eye tracking, it has added AR cloud functionality allowing a multiuser AR and VR experience. The upgrade is similar to cloud initiatives like Microsoft Mesh and Facebook ... Not part of subscription

Cisco adds Holograms to its Webex communication suite

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Adding immersive features to online communication could offer differentiation in a crowded market. Cisco's Hologram feature it is now testing for its Webex suite relies on augmented reality (AR) headgear like Microsoft HoloLens to have virtual reality (VR) interactions across participants. Similar ... Not part of subscription