• Develops turnkey biogas plants for high efficiency anaerobic co-digestion of various organic waste streams; offers small-scale wastewater treatment systems for sites where anaerobic digestion is not economical
  • 300 operating projects primarily in Europe, of which over 100 are wastewater ...

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Company Snapshot | February 27, 2021

The company was started by Simon Ighofose (CEO) in 2017 to develop a waste‑to‑energy solution for the Nigerian market; Muhammad Saghir (CTO) and Joseph Eke (COO) make up the management team, and the company has seven employees. To date, the company has raised approximately £71,342 – a £25,000 grant ... Not part of subscription


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The company was founded by Dennis Poulsen (Chairman of the Board) and Jean‑Louis Kindler (CEO) in 2019; the company is a joint venture between Clean Energy Enterprises and Japan Blue Energy Corporation (JBEC), the developer of the waste‑to‑hydrogen process; Jean‑Louis Kindler was previously COO at ... To read more, click here.


Company Profile | April 22, 2022

Deploys containerized MFC systems to treat high‑strength concentrated organic waste streams using a bioelectrochemical process generating signifcantly lower sludge within a smaller footprint, using lower energy than competing technologies Innovation focus is to increase the rate of microbial ... Not part of subscription