• Develops an integrated food-waste solution that combines a mobile application and an ERP system; the application notifies customers of discounts on food products that are approaching their expiration dates on retailers close to them
  • To implement FoodLoop, retailer needs to first use the...

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Company Profile | June 23, 2021

Core competency is the ability to characterize quality metrics for a given food item based off data from sensors (optical being a key type) and then provide predictive analytics related to that food item Two major use cases for its platform: 1) eliminating quality issues post‑processing that ... To read more, click here.

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Company Snapshot | September 02, 2021

The company was started by Time Allen, Simon Oregan, and Markus Stripf in 2015 to develop a platform that combines AI and nutritional expertise to provide a personalized and convenient food shopping experience to consumers; the founders have backgrounds in e‑commerce, software development, and ... Not part of subscription


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Develops smart labels for CPG to improve brand loyalty and consumer retention; has the capability to monitor when consumers use a product, how much of a product is left in a package, and when the product is finished Provides software dashboard and analytics on customer habits, an automatic ... Not part of subscription