• Offers liquid cooling system that is integrated into its server cabinets; increases the usage floor space between 30% to 50% and capable of accepting cooling water as high as 45 °C
  • Claims to offer its new product in November 2014 with improved efficiency and smaller size
  • Has seven...

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The company was founded by Conner Tidd (CEO) and Kevin Jakiela (president) at the University of Toronto; Conner's background is in sustainability management, and Kevin is a plant health specialist and research scientist. So far, the company has raised about USD 1.2 million in total; Just Vertical is... To read more, click here.


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Developed a high‑temperature heat pump with 165 °C output; targets heating applications broadly from 60 °C, though ideal input temperature is 80 °C and above; maximum temperature increase is 70 °C per lift; can use multiple units in parallel Claimed a coefficient of performance (COP) above 3 ... Not part of subscription

Intellihub acquires GreenSync, increasing the managed capacity in Australia and New Zealand and deploying the company platform in the U.S.

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The distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) platform GreenSync was acquired by Intellihub, a utility service provider in Australia and New Zealand. With the acquisition, GreenSync's deX platform will be deployed further in the Australian Market; currently, Intellihub manages over 1.2 ... Not part of subscription