Midori Renewables

  • Family of catalysts that manipulate carbohydrates to produce sugars for animal feed, food, fuels, and chemicals
  • Primarily focused on animal feed and food markets using oligomerization process to convert simple sugars into oligosaccharides; secondary focus on biomass to sugars platform f...

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Develops a technology platform to produce yeast oil as an alternative to conventional palm and cocoa oil; focuses on oleaginous yeast like Cutaneotrichosporon with high inherent triglyceride levels Has managed to establish a monoauxic co‑fermentation method containing sugars and organic acid ... Not part of subscription

New rare sugar on the block: EnginZyme pilots cell-free production of kojibiose

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Rare sugar kojibiose, present in honey, has prebiotic properties but has been challenging to produce on a large scale. Swedish startup EnginZyme has managed to produce kojibiose on a pilot scale using a cell‑free enzymatic process. The company collaborated with a research group at the University of ... Not part of subscription

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Michroma's first target is a heat‑, light‑, and pH‑stable red pigment intended to replace synthetic dyes and less‑stable natural options like anthocyanins, beet extract, and lycopene. The company cultivates filamentaous fungi in a bioreactor, where colors are secreted into growth media. The process ... Not part of subscription