Missing Link Technology

  • Algae to Energy (A2E) is operating entity in the algae space for company's IP; develops equipment for algae cultivation, harvesting, and conversion into crude oil
  • Claims 98 g per m2 per day areal productivity with MicGro Reactor and an 88% conversion yield for biomass to biocrude using ...

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Company Snapshot | July 01, 2021

The company was started by R&D director Raouf Medimaghm and CEO Karim Medimagh in 2019. To date, the company has raised approximately $280,000 through two seed rounds and is seeking to raise an additional $950,000 by the end of 2021. Recyc'Elit is developing a methanolysis‑based depolymerization... Not part of subscription

Aduro Clean Technologies

Company Profile | February 03, 2022

The company developed a process that uses subcritical water with a catalyst and hydrogen donor to promote selective carbon‑carbon bond scission in hydrocarbons; it uses this process to upgrade bitumen and bio‑oils or break down mixed plastic waste into fuels and plastic precursors Aduro claims ... To read more, click here.


Company Profile | May 17, 2022

Methanology develops a biocatalytic process that uses enzymes to metabolize CO2 and water into methanol; core to the technology is a bioreactor where enzymes are immobilized and activated on heated electrodes The company develops two types of bioreactors with capacities of 10 liters/day and 100... Not part of subscription