• Offers all materials needed for organic TFTs, as well as IGZO; partners with four display makers and anticipates a 2013 release of flexible e-readers
  • Sells p-type semiconductors for OPV, with non-fullerene n-type semiconductors in development, but its materials won't make OPV competitiv...

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Apple opens new chapter in LCD vs. OLED race, releasing iPad Pro with miniLED backlit panel

News Commentary | April 21, 2021

Apple added 2,500 dimming zones using more than 10,000 miniLEDs in the backlit LCD panel in the latest iPad Pro. The upgrade provides a 1 million:1 contrast ratio and 1‑nit brightness, similar to OLED technology, but is more cost‑effective. The performance improvements extend the LCD market outlook... Not part of subscription

Tactus Technology

Company Profile | September 30, 2021

Initially focused on microfluidics to make retractable soft haptic keyboard buttons; pivoted in 2017 to focus on materials applications, as the market prospects shifted Developed a proprietary set of materials and formulation along with processes to make clear polyurethanes for flexible display... Not part of subscription


Company Profile | May 24, 2022

The company was founded in mid‑2010 based on optical materials research from the Holloway Group at the University of Florida and initially focused on photovoltaic applications Switched to focus fully on electroluminescent QDs and LED transport layer materials for inkjet‑printable displays ... Not part of subscription