• Develops 3D printable materials and printing processes for additive manufacturing technologies including FFF, SLS, Polyjet, and powder bed inkjet
  • Has developed printable tungsten-filled polymers for radiation shielding in medical imaging, and chopped carbon fiber-filled polymers for str...

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The company was started by Cedric Michel and Victor Roux in 2013. The company develops extrusion‑based 3D printing systems using pellet feedstocks. The company claims differentiation in the ability to use injection‑molded plastic pellets or metal injection‑molded (MIM) feedstocks for metals, which ... Not part of subscription

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Offers fiber‑reinforced composite 3D printers and materials; claims high accuracy and low warpage owing to the stable machine frame and optimized parameters Sells two materials — carbon fiber‑reinforced polyamide and glass fiber‑reinforced polyamide with 30% fiber volume; also provides an open ... Not part of subscription


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