• Offers a range of advanced design and manufacturing services through a cloud-based platform; has a wide range of 3D printing options including selective laser sintering (SLS), sterolithography (SLA); binder jetting, fused filament fabrication (FFF), and others
  • To support its printing, S...

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Shining 3D

Company Snapshot | February 04, 2021

The company was founded by Li Tao in 2004 to develop 3D scanners; it later expanded into developing 3D printers and additive manufacturing software. The company makes 3D printers, including industrial stereolithography (SLA), industrial metal and polymer selective laser sintering (SLS), and desktop ... To read more, click here.


Company Snapshot | August 24, 2021

The company was started by CEO Andrew Jeffery, Virginia San Fratello, and Ronald Rael to commercialize their 3D printing technology. The company makes platforms for the 3D printing of wood‑epoxy composites; the platforms are based on binder jetting technology and use recycled sawdust as feedstock. ... Not part of subscription

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Offers fiber‑reinforced composite 3D printers and materials; claims high accuracy and low warpage owing to the stable machine frame and optimized parameters Sells two materials — carbon fiber‑reinforced polyamide and glass fiber‑reinforced polyamide with 30% fiber volume; also provides an open ... Not part of subscription