Building the Future: Assessing 3D Printing’s Opportunities and Challenges

3D printing has been touted as an enabling platform for applications ranging from personalized medicine to personal drones. However, the specific trajectory it takes – more disruptive than the Internet? A passing fad for hobbyists? – will depend on conquering commercialization challenges. We forecas...

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Technology Landscape: Key players in metal 3D printing

Analyst Insight | March 08, 2021

As 3D printing continues to mature and replace conventional manufacturing in some use cases, metal 3D printing continues to grow rapidly and gain market share in key applications and industries for producing high‑quality, high‑value end‑use parts. From 2020 to 2030, Lux expects metal printer sales ... Not part of subscription

Sinterit launches faster SLS printer, bringing it on par with more expensive SLS printers

News Commentary | November 11, 2021

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Boom Supersonic relies on 3D printing to enable its business model

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Boom Supersonic is developing supersonic passenger aircraft and plans to start testing a 1:3 scale demonstrator aircraft, the XB‑1, in early 2022. Boom partnered with Stratasys and Velo3D to develop several dozen metal and high‑performance 3D‑printed parts for the XB‑1 and plans to continue using 3D... Not part of subscription