Bio-based Materials and Chemicals in Review: Key Trends in 2015 and What to Watch in 2016

January 31, 2016 | State of the Market Report

As the Bio-based Materials and Chemicals industry enters 2016, it is important to look back on 2015 to see the effects of sustained low oil prices and how the industry responded. This report looks back at the noteworthy financial, scale up, and commercialization events within the Bio-based Materials and Chemicals space throughout 2015 and calls out what to watch in 2016. We take a detailed look at the acquisitions, investments, scale ups, commercialization activities, and company realignments from the small and large players in the space. From there, we assess what elements of the industry will shape the future.

Coverage Areas

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Reviewing 2015
  • What to Watch in 2016

Lead Analyst

Julia Allen


Meraldo Antonio
Ross Kozarsky
Jennie Lynch