Disruption to Growth: Navigating the Sensor Revolution

March 15, 2016 | Presentation

A trillion sensors are coming, and as critical gateways to the internet of things (IoT), sensors are sure to have a massive social and economic impact globally within the next decade. Proliferation of sensors as a result, is sure to dramatically expand the possibilities of doing business for some companies, while curbing others. This has fueled the appetite for sensor start-ups to innovate across all applications, while cash-rich companies have spent over $100 billion in M&A since 2014 in sensor companies. With an innovation to address every conceivable need, navigating this complex market requires businesses to have a clear understanding of the role they want to play, capabilities they will need and the types of innovation they should pursue.

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  • Digital Transformation

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Lead Analyst

Pallavi Madakasira