The Internet of Agricultural Things

The farm is rich with data sources and ripe for operational improvements, making it an ideal environment for the application of sensing, connectivity, and analytics. An array of startups offering connected ag solutions have hit the scene; meanwhile, a wide range of major players from across the indu...

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Deere's efforts in digital agriculture finally poised to bear fruit

News Commentary | December 15, 2020

After acquiring Blue River Technology in 2017 and a 5G broadband license in late 2020, John Deere is poised to launch its computer vision‑driven precision agriculture solution in 2021. The company will use Blue River's tech to take photos of growing plants from a moving piece of equipment to make ... Not part of subscription

John Deere Financial integrates with AGvisorPRO's agricultural connectivity platform

News Commentary | July 14, 2021

The collaboration allows farmers to connect via AGvisorPRO's phone app and access John Deere Financial's adviser network free of charge. John Deere will likely pay a fee for the connection, which is outlined in the Lux profile. The move reshapes how farmers gain access to critical financial ... Not part of subscription

Siemens leverages machine learning and edge computing to develop digital twin solutions for underwater farming applications

Case Study | April 22, 2022

Agriculture contributes up 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, posing a challenge to net‑zero emissions goals. One way to tackle this is to harness the underwater ecosystem for farming needs. The ocean covers more than 70% of Earth and is a self‑sustaining ecosystem; yet, it accounts for only 2... Not part of subscription