Beyond Smartphone Clones: How Wearables Deliver Actual Value and Reshape Tomorrow’s Supply Chain

Since the introduction of wearables, these devices have acted as a supplement to or extension of smart phones. With the likes of the Apple Watch and Fitbit being the iconic wearable products, it is no surprise that wearables are viewed today as little more than nice-to-have gadgets. However, wearabl...

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Technology | February 08, 2022

Mobile wrist‑worn devices with touch‑screen displays offering connectivity, sensors, and operating systems, which act as either an extension of smartphones or untethered, stand‑alone devices. Not part of subscription

Sensor insole developer, Plantiga, launches data-driven coaching program for users, setting the stage for a more personalized experience

Case Study | April 21, 2022

Plantiga develops ultra‑thin insoles that track how users run, walk, jump, and change directions as they move. The data it collects help users and athletes reduce the risk of injury and boost performance, respectively. Plantiga has inked notable partnerships with sports franchises such as the NBA, ... Not part of subscription

Contactless biosensing offers a hassle-free approach for consumer health monitoring, but is still a work in progress

Analyst Insight | April 22, 2022

A new paradigm is starting to emerge in consumer health — contactless biosensing. We alluded to this in our report “Opportunities in Digital Biomarkers” as “off‑the‑body sensors.” The idea is simple: These biosensors pick up physiological data without making contact, as opposed to “on‑the‑body ... Not part of subscription