Electrifying the Walls: Growing Competition in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Conventional distributed photovoltaic systems are confined to rooftops, requiring additional hardware to be mounted on existing building materials. Not only does this increase the cost of systems, but it also results in an unaesthetic structure sitting above a house's roof line or is unable to utili...

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The municipal utilities of Marburg together with the Sonneninitiative association have closed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to finance a building‑integrated PV (BIPV) installation. This project consists of a 50 kW solar facade made of flat and rounded monocrystalline silicon modules. The ongoing ... Not part of subscription

Endurans Solar

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Founded in 2012 as Tomark‑Worthen, a joint venture between two plastic players Tomark Industries and Worthen Industries; renamed Endurans Solar and is now a subsidiary of Worthen Industries The company has developed a co‑extrusion process and fluoropolymer‑free material for PV backsheets that ... Not part of subscription

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