Redefining Bio-based: A New Taxonomy and Key Themes for 2017

February 27, 2017 | State of the Market Report

Growing consumer preferences for sustainable products are driving an opportunity for companies to leverage bio-based materials and chemicals (BBMC). However, the industry is crowded with many different types of potential feedstocks, conversion technologies, and downstream products. In this report we outline an updated BBMC taxonomy to simplify the opportunities emerging in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. We also align the BBMC space through the lens of industry megatrends in 2017 like digital transformation, sustainability, and consumer health and wellness.

Coverage Areas

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Motivation and methodology
  • A New BBMC Taxonomy
  • Key BBMC Themes for 2017

Lead Analyst

Victor Oh


Gihan Hewage