The Technologies and Companies Making Lower Cost Grid-scale Energy Storage a Reality

March 15, 2017 | Presentation

Energy storage can be a truly transformative asset to the electrical grid, able to shift time of electricity consumption and potentially behaving as both a load and a generator. With increasing amounts of renewable generation, which is inherently intermittent and non-dispatchable by nature, energy storage will become even more important. However, unlike in consumer electronics and electric vehicles, the cost of storage is the single most important metric to stationary customers. This webinar will discuss the various pathways which can lead to lower-cost storage, and the companies and technologies which are enabling them. This webinar will address: Long-duration technologies such as flow batteries and compressed air energy storage, and how they compete with evolving Li-ion Stationary opportunities for repurposed electric vehicle batteries Promising applications which will drive revenues in the energy storage space How dual-purpose gigafactories and economies of scale can disrupt multiple applications, beyond stationary uses

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  • Owning the Energy Transition

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