America-First Energy: How Trump’s Energy Agenda Will Impact Technology Deployment

June 08, 2017 | State of the Market Report

After Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States in January 2017, the new administration released “An America First Energy Plan,” laying out a list of goals developed throughout the campaign regarding domestic energy policy. In the months since, the administration’s early actions have given additional hints at its priorities. However, the political agenda of the president does not necessarily translate to the path of industry. In this report, we examine Trump’s statements and actions in five segments of the energy landscape – oil and gas, renewable fuels, coal, renewables and storage, and offshore wind – using the drivers of each industry to determine how the Trump administration may impact domestic energy.

Coverage Area

  • Owning the Energy Transition

Lead Analysts

Max Halik
Senior Research Associate
Managing Consultant, Energy


Katrina Westerhof