Nanomaterials State of the Market Q1 2009: Cleantech's Dollar Investments, Penny Returns

December 22, 2008 | State of the Market Report

Nanotech's impact on energy and environment sector — cleantech — is all the rage, with a flurry of funding, patents and publications. The disproportionate activity in the field doesn’t look justified, though — nanotech applications in this sector will amount to just 2% of the $3.1 trillion in revenue across the value chain that nanotech will impact in 2015. Across all sectors, the profit margins from nanotech will be greatest for nanointermediates — not nanomaterials or nano- enabled final products. Meanwhile, funding for nanotech continues to grow, reaching $18.2 billion worldwide in 2008. Internationlly, the U.S. and Japan set the pace, but nations like China and Russia are gaining quickly.

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  • Accelerating Materials Innovation