The Maturity of Biosensors in Wearable Electronics

December 22, 2017 | State of the Market Report

Wearable biosensors continue to develop and provide new capabilities in athletics, disease prevention, recognition of primary risks, proper education of users, new models of health care, and providing individuals more insight into their personal health. As wearable biosensors continue to miniaturize they can be incorporated into new form factors such as smart watches and patches. The new features and applications of wearable biosensors will not only provide benefits into medical services, but also general wellness.

Coverage Areas

  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Executive summary
  • Advancements in wearable biosensors
  • Using the Lux Tech Signal for wearable and nonwearable biosensors
  • Outlook

Lead Analyst

Thomas Dawidczyk, Ph.D.


Kevin See, Ph.D.