Drowning in Data: Understanding and Improving Data Management for the IoT

December 22, 2017 | State of the Market Report

Data is at the heart of the internet of things (IoT) – whether being generated, transmitted, or analyzed – to enable businesses to operate more effectively. A data-centric approach is critical to IoT stack optimization, which ensures that the most critical business needs are addressed up front, in a resource-efficient manner. This report examines the seven most important areas of IoT data management – data creation, data security, data transmission, data cleanliness, data analytics, data storage, and data sharing – to identify the key problems and innovations in each area, and identify which area to prioritize.

Coverage Area

  • Digital Transformation

Table of Contents

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Lead Analyst

Mike Rolfes


Jonathan Melnick, Ph.D.
Venkatesh Konanur
Noa Ghersin
Katrina Westerhof