Introduction to Material Opportunities in 5G Networks

November 02, 2018 | State of the Market Report

Lux first started covering 5G networks as early as 2014, and we highlighted them as one of the hottest technologies we track in our 18 for 2018 Report. With this much attention, it’s no surprise that clients have been asking us what opportunities the advent of 5G will create for other industries. The purpose of this report is to help materials companies that have 5G opportunities in the front end of their innovation funnel identify the relevant trends, technologies, and needs so that they quickly spot potential opportunities and begin initial assessment.

Coverage Areas

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Digital Transformation

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • 5G Networks Technology Introduction
  • Outlook: The rollout for 5G and the advent of mmWave will create a new market for advanced polymers

Lead Analyst

Research Director


Mike Rolfes