Navigating the Metal 3D Printing Landscape to Find Industry Impact

February 07, 2020 | State of the Market Report

Metal 3D printing space shows early successes. Many 3D printing technology developers have already earned high technical value rating and had strong initial commercial success based on their ability to address specific use cases in certain industries. However, with current players able to address only limited use cases, metal 3D printing could still be a lucrative business – but not a transformative one. This report aims to look at the major technologies available in the space and evaluate the full scope of their potential. Namely, it 1) lays out the current capabilities and limitations of major metal 3D printing technologies, 2) examines key metrics for each 3) assesses what applications might be most suitable to each process, and 4) discusses which technologies will win in the long term and their likelihood of being truly disruptive.

Coverage Areas

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Digital Transformation

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Executive Summary
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Landscapes
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations and outlook

Lead Analyst