Unlocking the Value of Digital Transformation: An Industry-Agnostic Framework for the Physical Industries

November 14, 2019 | State of the Market Report

With pervasive connectivity, cheap sensing, and the rise of advanced analytics, industries that have not traditionally been digital-forward are seeing rapid, transformative change as they collect and use more data than ever before and as their product ecosystems become digitized. As digital becomes a major differentiating point in product innovation, incumbents will face a threat of being relegated to second-tier roles as contract manufacturers and commodity players, and must take action today to create a role for themselves in the future of their industry. The first step in this adaptation is understanding the impacts and future trajectory of digital transformation in the physical industries, which are addressed in this report.

Coverage Area

  • Digital Transformation

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Landscape
    Digital transformation creates a new paradigm in the physical industries, and product- and process-level transformations are early stepping stones for companies trying to adapt.
  • Analysis
    While most digital transformation projects today are at the level of a product or process, information sharing across organizations and industries will be transformative in the future.
  • Outlook and Recommendations

Lead Analyst

Katrina Westerhof
Director, Research


Jonathan Melnick, Ph.D.