Improving the Front End of Innovation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

August 29, 2019 | State of the Market Report

AI and machine learning are hyped for use in applications as varied as marketing and predictive maintenance of machines. The innovation community has long desired tools to enable greater efficiency and impact and is now considering whether AI can deliver. This white paper analyzes tools for parsing innovation data and pulling out insights in an efficient and unbiased way, applied to the front end of innovation. It discusses needs, approaches, uses cases, and best practices to help organizations leverage the tools for maximum impact.

Coverage Areas

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health
  • Owning the Energy Transition
  • The Future of Mobility

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

Lead Analyst

Kevin See, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research


Ryan Dolen