Materials of Concern: An Overview for Innovation Teams

June 24, 2021 | State of the Market Report

Innovation teams have historically focused on improving existing products and creating new businesses. However, the sustainability imperative is occupying an increasingly large mindshare among both consumers and regulators. Hence, innovation teams are increasingly called upon not just to develop new products but to ensure that existing products and businesses are insulated from both potential regulations and consumer backlash. This report identifies emerging environmental, health, and sustainability issues, highlights potentially impacted materials, and discusses alternatives – the aim is to both prepare companies to respond to upcoming concerns and provide a roadmap to commercial opportunities around alternatives.

Coverage Area

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Innovators need to adopt a proactive strategy toward materials of concern
  • INTRODUCTION Regulations on materials of concern are increasingly an issue for innovation teams
  • PRODUCTION Toxic production chemicals create diverse challenges
  • OUTLOOK A reactive strategy has major limitations

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