Partnerships Weave the Alternative Fuel Innovation Web

While cost, pollution, and security problems plague the fossil fuel industry, innovative technologies are emerging to help alternative fuels compete. High-pressure gasification turning coal to liquid fuel and engineered microorganisms fermenting butanol from sugar are just two of dozens of designs d...

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IEA Bioenergy Task 39 report highlights roles of liquid-based fuels for decarbonizing aviation

News Commentary | July 09, 2021

The report "Progress in the Commercialization of Biojet / Sustainable Aviation Fuels" corroborates Lux's long stance that liquid‑based fuels will remain the dominant form of energy for the aviation sector. ICAO has also made a clear commitment to a similar roadmap through its 2050 ICAO Vision for ... Not part of subscription

Decarbonization of Industry: Gambling on Carbon Neutrality

Presentation | February 16, 2022

Several of the world’s largest economies have made significant commitments towards decarbonization just this past year. However, the industrial sector continues to contribute 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions, where many of these emissions are unavoidable as they are innate to the processes. As... Not part of subscription

How to Win by Being Wrong: Timing Your Company’s Energy Transition

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The EU wants to reduce its carbon emission by 50% in 2030, or's 55% now since the start of this year. Meanwhile, the German government adjusted its target to 65%. The U.S. accelerated tremendously since the new federal administration took control and now aims at a carbon‑neutral power sector... Not part of subscription