Human Genomics

The sequencing, analysis and interpretation of the human genome, which leads to therapeutic, diagnostic and wellness applications.

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The evolution of direct-to-consumer genetic testing: Blockchain, sequencing, and new business models

Research Brief | August 02, 2018

Direct‑to‑consumer (DTC) genetic testing (GT) companies have been around for more than a decade, with 23andMe kickstarting the personal genomics era in 2006. Since then, more than 200 DTC GT companies have appeared, offering health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, and ancestry services. ... Not part of subscription

A lack of Asian genomic data creates business opportunities today and tomorrow

Research Brief | August 28, 2018

Two out of every three people on this planet live in Asia. This doesn't even include the ethnic Asians living elsewhere or those of mixed ancestries. Interestingly, genomic efforts have hardly kept up with this demographic reality. In fact, Asian genomic data is scarce, with over 80% of genomic data... Not part of subscription

23andMe stops consumers from porting over their genetic data to a genetic blockchain company

News Commentary | August 29, 2018

Finnish genetic blockchain startup Timicoin has been receiving huge interest from 23andMe consumers to port over their genetic data. This reflects a growing sentiment of consumer empowerment over their own genetic data, a trend we previously predicted. However, 23andMe has swiftly stepped in to ... Not part of subscription