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The technologies that will change the world, according to Lux Research's analysts and data scientists.

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The Lux Tech 299 is our list of the most impactful innovations to track and potentially act upon, ranging from well-known technologies to under-the-radar, up-and-coming opportunities. The methodology behind this list comes from Lux Research's proprietary data science algorithms, which analyze innovation data like patents, academic papers, various funding types, news, and more, to continually monitor and rank the state of innovation. The list and the associated research updates daily.

You can filter the below by the overall ranking, or by other metrics like how mature the technology is or how quick-growing in innovation interest it is. Where available, full Tech Pages on each technology are linked to. If you have questions about the methodology or where other technologies not on the Lux Tech 299 fall, please contact us.

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Rank Topic Change in Innovation Interest Research and patent activity
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Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) Report available
Ability of machines to perform complex tasks that have historically required human thinking; includes machine learning (like neural networks and deep learning) and symbolic reasoning (like expert systems). Deep learning is a subset of this broader machine learning and AI topic.
+36% 5
2 Deep learning
Deep Learning Tech Page available
Advanced machine learning techniques making use of neural networks, for much-improved computer vision, speech recognition, filtering, and more.
+99% 3
3 5g bw2
5G Networks Tech Page available
Fifth-generation mobile network technology spanning new devices, 5G-enabled business models, as well as operators and companies supporting and developing 5G-related innovations.
+47% 3
4 Lpwan
+35% 3
5 Blockchain
Blockchain Tech Page available
Distributed database technology that securely maintains a growing ledger of transactions, potentially useful for its inherent security, data integrity, and decentralized nature.
+179% 2
6 Autonomous vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles Tech Page available
Integrated systems of environmental perception sensors, edge processing hardware, real-time decision-making software, and connectivity that enables advanced driver assistance systems, and vehicle autonomy in consumer and commercial vehicles.
+32% 3
7 Quantum computing
Quantum Computing Tech Page available
The use of quantum particles and their accompanying properties as the basis for novel computing architectures.
+15% 3
8 Lux logo
Cryptocurrencies Report available
Decentralized and encrypted digital currencies, based on distributed ledger technology (typically blockchain), including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
+58% 2
9 18
Shared Mobility Tech Page available
Innovations in mobility outside of conventional ownership, such as car-sharing, ride-hailing, autonomous taxis, and other mobility-as-a-service business models.
+27% 2
10 Augmented reality
Augmented Reality Tech Page available
Technology that overlays digital content onto the real world.
+20% 3
11 Connected cars
Connected Cars Tech Page available
Integrated system of vehicles, infrastructure, and cloud platforms that use connectivity to provide entertainment, performance monitoring and management, and safety features and services in consumer and commercial vehicles.
+13% 3
12 Edge computing bw
Edge Computing Tech Page available
Software and hardware technologies that allow for performing computations at the location where data is generated.
+81% 1
13 Lux logo
Electrocatalysts Report available
Materials that modify and increase the rate of electrochemical reactions, typically working near electrode surfaces; examples include platinum electrocatalysts and nanoparticle electrocatalysts.
We don't have much content on this technology yet. Interested? Contact your Client Engagement Manager to express your interest in Lux Research covering this technology more.
+11% 3
14 Lux logo
Chatbots and virtual assistants Report available
A platform that includes a chatbot with conversational capabilities associated with a hardware device, incorporating natural language processing and having access to the internet to perform tasks.
+59% 1
15 Lux logo
Heads-up displays (HUDs) Report available
A transparent or semi-transparent display that overlays information, allowing users to keep engaged with another task, like driving or flying. These HUDs are a type of augmented reality.
+8% 3
16 Lux logo
Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)
Communication between vehicles, through the wireless exchange of vehicle information like the speed and position of surrounding vehicles.
+13% 3
17 Lux logo
2D materials
Single-layer and crystalline materials, including graphene but also related two-dimensional materials like boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides.
+45% 2
18 Solid state battery
Solid-State Batteries Tech Page available
Next-generation battery chemistry that replaces conventional liquid electrolytes with solid ion-conducting materials like polymers and ceramics, thereby increasing energy, improving safety, and potentially lowering costs.
+28% 2
19 Lux logo
+102% 1
20 Lux logo
Antenna arrays
Multiple antennas that are connected together to work as a single antenna, achieving higher performance than conventional designs.
+8% 3
21 Lux logo
+10% 3
22 Lux logo
Serverless computing
An event-based cloud computing approach that is increasing in prevalence, especially in the IoT space, thanks to its ability to deconstruct applications into a suite of small, modular services that each perform their own unique function.
+40% 1
23 Lux logo
Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I)
Set of technologies that aim to link cars and trucks to their physical surroundings like road markings and signs, for safety and efficiency purposes.
+21% 2
24 Microled
MicroLED Tech Page available
Micro-sized LEDs used as emitters in displays and as backlighting for LCD panel displays.
+15% 1
25 Lux logo
+82% 1
26 Lux logo
Far-field speech recognition
We don't have much content on this technology yet. Interested? Contact your Client Engagement Manager to express your interest in Lux Research covering this technology more.
+22% 1
27 Commercial autonomous
Commercial Vehicle Automation Tech Page available
The use of autonomous vehicle technologies (generally Level 4 autonomy) for commercial applications like mining, construction, shuttling, ride-hailing, last-mile delivery, and freight hauling
+15% 2
28 Lux logo
+10% 2
29 Lux logo
+16% 2

Introduction: Our interactive radar visualization allows you to plot on the figure below any of the Lux 299 technologies you choose to. To add a technology, click into the list below and start typing your search term; you will see options start to appear. Select the ones you want to plot on the radar. If you want to remove something from the radar, you can click the "X" next to its name in the list below. Please note that you are also able to drag and move the labels to improve legibility.


Q: What do the five rings and their values mean?
A: Our radar visualization shows five different rings, labeled from 1 to 5. The outermost ring corresponds to the lowest level of innovation activity, getting a score of 1. The innermost ring gets a score of 5, which corresponds to the highest level of innovation activity. We calculate this innovation activity based on the total number of patents plus papers written about the technology during the past two decades. One important nuance: If a technology has a lower score – say, it is in the outermost part of the radar – that could be because it is a newer technology, or because it is a niche technology.

Q: What do the circle sizes mean?
A: All circles are the same size, and do not have any additional meaning.

Q: How are these technologies chosen?
A: By default, this radar shows 20 technologies – the top 20 from our Lux 299 list (or, specifically, the top 5 in each of our digital, materials, energy, and health programs). More generally, the Lux 299 plus other technologies we track beyond these 299 are based on the Lux taxonomy. In addition to the official Lux taxonomy, we also algorithmically track other technologies and topics of peripheral or emerging interest to us that may not officially be part of our coverage yet.

Q: What if I cannot find the technology I am looking for in this list?
A: If you cannot find the technology you are looking to add to the radar using the type-ahead, please contact us, and we can add your technology to the list.