Webinar: Closing the Loop: The Future of Decentralized Water

June 28, 2016


Current water and wastewater treatment infrastructure faces a crisis. The prohibitive cost of repairing buried and ageing infrastructure and the need to decrease energy use and waste in the water industry offers an opportunity for a complete design rethink. New technologies, often utilizing membranes, can decentralize water and wastewater infrastructure while improving water reuse by treating to a high standard at a small scale close to the source of generation. Additionally, new automated analytics offer solutions for these more complex decentralized solutions. This webinar will look at how leading technologies and methods will combine to transform the industry. Areas of focus will include:
  • Understanding the current state of water infrastructure
  • Water reuse in a decentralized system
  • The role of analytics in process optimization and remote monitoring


Closing the Loop: The Future of Decentralized Water